Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A kind of disturbing subject

I need you to use your imagination for a minute. OK?


Now. Look at this picture. See the smiling Mom? See the platter of cookies? Pretend the cookies are a platter of sliced tomatoes. And pretend the little kid at the bottom right is you. Ready? know how at one point in your life you don't like something? Like, say.... tomatoes?!?

When you get to be an adult and you are sitting around the table and everyone is sitting around at a big family dinner and someone is passing the tomatoes but when they get to you they don't even hand you the platter because you don't like tomatoes.

But then when you start liking tomatoes you say "no, really, pass me the tomatoes" and they say "you don't like tomatoes" and don't pass them to you.

And you have to really stretch and reach across the table to get the tomatoes and usually your shirt or your sleeve or something goes into the gravy or the butter.

And then for the next several minutes it is marvelled at around the table that you are eating tomatoes and you don't like tomatoes.

C'mon. Don't pretend this doesn't happen in your life.

It does, right?

It's not just my strange family that does this non-passing of tomatoes thing.


OK, well the point of this story is that I didn't use to like tomatoes and now I do and this continues to happen and it is annoying.

And now I have also discovered I like CELERY as well. Another hated vegetable from my childhood!

So I'm not sure if I can handle the whole non-passing of tomatoes PLUS the whole non-passing of celery.

I'm just saying.

Because I've been a little concerned about this whole issue and I thought I would share it here, among make myself a little less worried...

...with Thanksgiving (and relish plates) coming around quite soon...

Aren't you glad you read this? I know it gave you amazing insight into the meaning of life and all that stuff.

Families are soooo complicated.



laterg8r said...

woman - you totally kill me :D

i love when the people in our lives assume they know everything about us and that we aren't allowed to change :D

Drama Queen said...

You had me until you said you like tomatoes now. I have never liked them - nor do I plan on ever liking them. I am secure in my intense dislike of them, and I have no intention of them ever being passed to me at the I can't help you. That - and asparagus.

Sorry! :)


Christina said...

Maybe instead of a Christmas letter this year you could send your fam a these-are-the-vegetables-I-like-now know, give them a little heads up. You could even put a cute picture at the bottom of you eating a piece of celery rolled up in a slice of tomato...

Terri and Bob said...

I am in love with Christina's idea!