Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

We took our three little Granddaughters to see Junie B. Jones today at the Tempe theatre. And it was so cool.

We had great seats right over the stage.

And Morgan, the three year old, kept laughing at the wrong when it was dead silent in there. But it was funny anyway.

And Riley, the six year old, sat at the edge of her seat, entranced and her eyes were so wide open I think she didn't even blink.

And Julia, the seven year old was leaning so far forward that I kept thinking she would fall off the balcony.

We shared a fine dining meal before we went at Cracker Barrel...and the girls loved it. Although I don't recommend that gift shop area unless they are gagged and blindfolded.

We laughed through the whole performance.

Met the actors afterward.

Had ice cream.

And then rode bikes and swang on the backyard swing until their parents arrived.

And it was a really, really fun day.

Even if I hate that particular rendition of Jingle Bells.

But it was worth it.

But I've never really understood how the batmobile could loose a wheel, though.

Isn't it put on with kryptonite or something?

Or is that another super-hero?

Oh gosh, sadly now there will be no more wobbly gobbly turkeys.

We are moving on to bastardized Christmas pre-school songs!

'Tis the season.



Diana said...

OMG I love Junie B.! My fourteen year old was heavily into the books. I loved reading them to her and now I read them to my granddaughter. My how time flies!
I believe the kryptonite was from superman. I don't remember what Batman used although I do remember having a crush on Robin in the third grade!
Jingle all the way Jenny!
Love Di

Drama Queen said...

Great story!

When my daughter was 5, we took her to see a live presentation of "A Christmas Carol." Audience was dead silent - and it was the scene where young Scrooge proposes to "Belle" and they daughter says, "Ewwwww." Very loud. The whole audience cracked up laughing. Kinda' ruined the moment on stage.

I was mortified then, but it has made for a great family story ever since then!


laterg8r said...

i have never heard of Junie B but it sounds like you had a terrific day :D

Bits-n-Pieces said...

Junie B is my fave! I read the books to my 1st grade class every year! I wish they'd do a show of it here!
And I don't care for that rendition of Jingle Bells either, b/c ....well.....I'M Robin! and I don't smell! LOL

Martha's Favorites said...

What a special day for the Granddaughter! Love your blog. Blessings, Martha

KMfamily ;-) said...

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for stoping over @ my blog..yours is super cute too!
Sounds like you had a wonderfull day with the grandkids!
How lucky they are to go & see a theater perfomance. Thats wonderful exposure to the arts! Way to go!! I bet they will never forget it.
hope youll come by again soon.

Noelle said...

an afternoon with the grandkids watching a play and eating ice cream: absolutely priceless.

i'm totally with you on the cracker barrel thing! can't they make a side door so you don't have to walk through all the candy and toys?!!! i tell ya, if their food wasn't so dadgum good, i'd...i'd...well, i don't know what i'd do. anyway...

what awesome grandparents you are.