Friday, October 26, 2012


This odd little story is linked to week 130 of Saturday Centus.  To read other links, just click here.

We all wrote using this picture prompt for the week.

                                                                           “You’re fired!”
“Excuse me, what are you saying,” I said.
 “I said you’re fired.   F-I-R-E-D!   Fired!”
“Well, d’oh.  I know how to spell ‘fired’ “.  
 “What part of ‘conservative’ didn’t you understand?  What part of ‘sentimental’ marketing DIDN’T you get?”
“Well, d’oh.  I did what you said, Boss!”
“You didn’t!   You’re fired!   Get out!”
 “You told me to make an ad campaign for Visine.   Right?  You said, ‘Make it catchy’!   Right?   How can the customer NOT love this idea!” I retorted in self-defense.
 “Just get out!  An upside down vampire picture with ‘Get The Red out!’? I repeat, you’re fired!“
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Jo said...

Darn right he's fired .... sheesh!!! that is so not sentimental ... well unless it is one of those shiny glittery vampires ... and they are hanging upside down to surprise their mortal love interest with a spidermanesque kiss ...

Gail said...

Cute. I love how we all go so many different directions.

siggiofmaine said...

Great minds, different thoughts on same wonderful.

Ms. A said...

Gosh, and I thought vampires were so popular with everybody... except me.

Green Speck said...

Ha ha ... loved it !!!

Modern Day Disciple said...

That is hilarious. ;)

Sue said...

Cracked me up! Totally!!