Friday, August 24, 2012

Lead Free? ...and a GIVEAWAY!

I have a tragic little story to share with you today.
Prepare yourself.
When I was a little girl...
...something like over 50 years ago...
Someone stuck me in the side of my forehead with a pencil.

It didn't kill me.
But it did make me stronger.
Because after the unfortunate encounter between the side of my forehead and the pencil I became a 'lead head'.
It's true.
The piece of lead was never removed and over time it got bigger and bigger.
Until finally it became huge.
And immense.
And disfiguring.
I might be exaggerating just a teensy bit.
But it did become larger and lately has become the size, ironically, of a pencil eraser.
Thank heavens I wear bangs.
If I hadn't worn bangs all my life I suspect bullies would have taunted  me.
"Lead head!  Lead head!" they might have screamed at me.
They didn't.
But they could have.
Today, however, I decided to take action against the lead.
I let a lady I know zap it with an electrical torture device.  She made me put ice on it and then shot some kind of laser into it over and over again.
It hurt.
But I bit down on a number two lead pencil and made it through the ordeal.
Now, I have to wait to see what happens.
And to find out if I am still a 'lead head' after the wound heals.
In the interim, however, to distract myself I am doing a little giveaway.
It's nothing serious.
It's not a gift card so you, too, can get zapped in the forehead with an electrical torture device.
It is, however lead related.
On Sunday I will draw a name from comments on this post and the winner will receive 3 super cool boxes of the best pencils in the world, Ticonderoga #2 lead pencils. 
Now I'm not just talking 3 boxes of ORANGE pencils.
I'm talking a box of baby blue pencils, a box of black wood pencils AND a box of pencils in primary colors.  I will even leave the two purple painted pencils in the box I send you. Feel free to enlarge this picture so you can drool over how cool these pencils are.
Should you stab yourself in the forehead with one of them if you are the lucky winner, I will not be held responsible.
I will, however, send you the name of the lady who can zap out the lead with an electrical torture device.
Today is Friday.  
If you really want to win pencils you can enter three times by leaving three separate comments on this post sometime before Sunday, noon-ish.
One comment must say "Lead head bullies are evil". 
And you need to be a follower of this blog or leave me your e-mail address so I can get in touch with you.
Sunday I'll post the winner and get your pencils right out to you in Monday's mail!
I'm going to ice my forehead now.

And, hey, good luck if you choose to enter.
Jenny Matlock
aka Lead Head


vivian said...

YOu always make me laugh. But why did they not remove the lead when it happened? just curious!
lead head bullies are evil!
hope your wound heals nicely and that the lead has disappeared!
happy weekend!

Susan Mystery said...

When I was in first grade a boy, who actually liked me, stabbed my knee with a pencil and still today I have proof of it. I will have to say that I have never been stabbed in the head. The kid who did it to you just proves that lead head bullies are evil. I hope the laser helps to bring the bump down for you, after dealing with pain, you should at least reap the rewards of it. Good luck.

Joanne Lendaro said...

cute post! I too, have the remains of the point of a pencil. It lives in my wrist from many, many, many years ago. So I guess that makes me a lead limb? lol!!

Ticonderoga #2's are the BEST!! One of my (4) kids refused to use anything but those for a few years, made me crazy, but now I get it.

and yes....Lead head bullies are evil.

noexcuses said...

Poor Jenny! I'm terrified of those zapping machines!

My daughter was poked in the eye with a pencil. It was an accident, and no lead was left in the eye, thank goodness, but she now has a complicated contacts prescription.

I have a small piece of a pencil tip in the palm of my hand. I can't remember how it got there, but it's never moved or grown, so I am just leaving it alone!

And...lead head bullies are evil!

Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness- or oh your aching head! I can't believe you've been carrying that lead piece around all this (short Ha! Ha!) time since childhood! "Lead head bullies are evil" - absolutely they are! It's so cool that (with some pain) you are now lead free! I'll be back two (maybe 3 for fun times)Karen

Karen S. said...

Oops, I almost forgot, I sure do hope that the bully got something painfully I mean got punished for doing that most horrible thing to you! :)

Karen S. said...

There is a quote about bullies (besides never let them in your yard) "Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke" we all no fire is the bigger force ...but can we remember that in the face of a lead throbbing bully? YES! We are fire! ...and smoke is such much easier to snuff out! More power to the unbullies!

Judie said...

I really don't need any more pencils, since I already have ten times the amount usually found in a normal household, but this Lead Head explains a lot. I felt compelled to comment. Mwahahahaha!!

Yolanda @ Chickens on the Moon said...

Lead head bullies ARE evil! I totally agree. Hope it ends up not being there anymore!

anitamombanita said...

something tells me Karen is going to be getting a fresh new supply of lead pencils..and we all know that SHE's no bully!!

Esther Joy said...

I do hope the Zapping takes care of your forehead. You are so right. "Lead head bullies are evil". One of them got to my husband when he was in school, and he still carries evidence of it to this day. It hasn't enlarged like yours, but the lead is still visibly evident...

Zia Blue said...

Lead head bullies definitely are evil! i've had a pencil lead stuck in my hand and it really hurt, so i can somewhat sympathise with your pain. hoping that the laser removed it for you!

Sue said...

If I stab myself in the head with a lead pencil, will I be random and hilarious, too?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh so funny! I never got stabbed with a pencil but I did know someone who did. They however are not nearly as funny as you! hugs, Linda

Ms. A said...

I'm surprised you haven't had that removed before now.

Theresa said...

"Lead head bullies are evil". :) You are nuts, perhaps it was the lead in the head! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Carol said...

Evil=lead head bullies! I have lead in my right we are like lead sisters or something...I got it in 3rd grade. From the boy I had to sit next to for the next 3 years (because of our names,alphabetically)
Nothing is better than drawing with a good sharp pencil though so I hope I win! ;]

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lead Head bullies are evil!

tee hee....

Tami Von Zalez said...

Code word should "Ticonderoga!" (hollered, of course).

I still have graphite in my hand where I stuck myself with a pencil. Ouch.

Evil bullies are lead-headed!

moondustwriter said...

Hope the ice helps and that you recover quickly
The things we did with #2 pencils as kids
too bad the other kid didnt get the point

Melinda said...

Thanks Lead Head!

M :)

Melinda said...

I am a follower of YOU as you know!

M :)

Annesphamily said...

Lead head bullies are evil!

You know I'd follow you anywhere Jenny!

Annesphamily said...

Sometime at work (the ENT office) we get kids who stuck pencil lead in their ear! Or erasers! Or beans and other gross things! Or worse than that up their nose!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Lead head bullies are evil?? What? Oh, yeah. They ARE.
We have funny stories around here about pencils. I'm sorry that YOUR story is NOT really funny at all. I hope your boo boo is healing well Jenny.
Lo loves pencils and I find them all over her bed. FOR years I've wondered if she were opening up a pencil store.
It wasn't so funny when the ENT found a pencil lead lodged deep into her ear canal at the age of wonder the kid never heard me. :)

w said...

i'm not sure if i should be laughing. because i'm worried about how big the lead got. but still. i'm laughing. so. idk.

lead head bullies are evil.

yay! i follow you! but just in case!

wendiwinn at wendiwinn dot com.

It's All Connected said...

I can honestly say, "lead head bullies are evil"! I was stabbed in the leg and the lead stayed there. A year later my hand was very sore and I didn't tell my parents until a red streak ran up my arm. I had lead poisoning and had to have a shunt surgically installed to drain it out. That was evil! ~ Maureen

Millie said...

"Lead head bullies are evil." Goodness. I'd have come butted the lead out of your head if you had only asked. We goats are helpful that way. :-)

Karen S. said...

I'm back! Anita made my morning, ha! Ha! especially after that wild centus today!!! The writings on the wall-we really have to work hard to get a star on our centus today! Go us! Funny-funny Jenny! I just know we're all thinking about you a really happy kind of crazy way!

Amy said...

Hey, we are like lead sisters! Somehow, 5th grade, i think, i got stabbed with a pencil in my side, and it is still there. the lead, not the whole pencil. So obviously, i deserve to win. Its logical, right?

Amy said...

Lead head bullies are evil!

Amy said...

My kids both have apassion for drawing, and an addiction to pencils. My wallet will thank you when you choose me as the winner. As will my kids and my sanity. ;)

Sue said...

And oh yes, Lead Head Bullies ARE Evil.