Saturday, December 5, 2009

No mush today, just something to give away

Ahemmm... I'm back to being my normal smart-alec self so no sappy writing here for me sir-ree Bob. I actually know someone that used to say that...and my name was never Bob and I was always a girl so I could never quite figure that one out.


Today I'm hoping you might want to register for a DOUBLE giveway so I can send you something sour that you can make into something sweet, sweet, sweet.

And I want to send the same thing to someone you know that needs a little surprise in the mail!

So although this is just a single post it's actually TWO GIVEAWAYS IN ONE!

In honor of Christmas and in honor of the fact that our lemon tree is breaking-the-branches laden with fruit here's the giveaway.

To be entered in this giveaway please comment on this post.

You can be entered three times if you:

1. Post a comment with the name of someone who has surprised you with something sweet this year. You don't have to tell the story - unless you want to - just the first name will do, though.
2. Register to be a follower to my blog. If you are (or register) that will be an extra entry
3. Post a link to this giveaway on your own blog.

I will select a winner on Wednesday, December 9th (with the use of a little, blonde winner picker!) and boxes of lemons will be winging their way toward you both on Monday, December 14th priority mail.

And now I am off to sit by the fire and recover from watching three little grand-dynamos for the past three days.

If any of you are bored and want to come by and clean up the damage left behind from Hurricane Granddaughters, feel free to just stop on by anytime.

And good luck to you all!


Life Looms Large said...
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Life Looms Large said...

What a great give away....especially as I sit here with the sound of sleet beating on our skylight!

Tonight is supposed to be the first snow of the winter, but it's hard to tell if it will turn to snow or just stay sleet.

I'd love lemons, and I bet my blog buddy in Oregon, Theresa, would also love them. She's helped me out in a million different ways even though we've never met in person.

I'm tempted to sign up as a follower, but I'm already following you in Google reader. I don't have an avatar, so I tend not to follow people since I just produce that boring grey box.

Anyway, I'll cross my fingers that somehow I'll win!!! I could use a jolt of sunshine!


PS: It's your blog! You get to be mushy, or however else you want to be!

Jules said...

Thanks for the email reminder!!

My hubby surprised me with a "sweet" pink saphire ring for mother's day.

Jules said...

I am a follower.....:-)

laterg8r said...

what a sweet and sour gift :D

i live in canada so i'm out :D

The Lone Dollier said...

My husband actually surprised me today! I mentioned MONTHS ago about wanting one of the big tool boxes/trunks to put all my miniature crafting tools in (which are by no means miniature and are many). Didn't think about it again. Well, I ran out to my studio (aka portable building) to put some stuff away and when I walked back in, there was this big five-drawer Kobolt tool chest sitting on my bar. And it had TOOLS in it! OKAY, so I'm the 1 in 500,000 million women that would be ecstatic over this. WOOHOO!



The Lone Dollier said...

Your link is now on my sidebar. I bet others like lemons too! LOL


The Lone Dollier said...

Me again~

I joined and am now a follower. I like your site.


Anonymous said...

Love it, but my own tree was full of lemons today so I invited the kids over for the 1st annual lemon fest! We had lemonade, lemon-pesto bruschetta, lemon-garlic chicken skewers with satay dipping sauce, greek roasted potatoes with lemon vinagretta, lemon bars and a lemon meringue pie. All recipes courtesy of the food netword! Just an idea for your contest winner.

My name is PJ. said...

Scotty did something nice for me.

Anne J said...

My son Robert surprised me with a nice homemade gift for Mother's day. He made me a picture frame and I had no idea.

I follow your blog.

Cynthia K. said...

Sounds wonderful!! My sister surprised me recently so I would love for her to win lemons also.

I signed up as a follower...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You are so lucky to have a lemon tree!

One of my best Christmas surprises that I received was a kitten my husband bought for me for our first Christmas together. He was not a cat lover, and it was a big sacrifice on his part to have acat live in the same house as him, but he did that for me! It ended up that he now likes cats and we've had two more since then :-)

I am a devoted follower of your blog Jenny!

Hugs, Pat

Diana said...

Glad I made your giveaway, Jenny.

Let's see someone who surprised me--my husband.

Diana said...

And, of course, you know I follow!!

Laurie said...

Oh, we used to have a lemon tree in our backyard when I was growing up and I sure do miss it!

Okay, someone who gave me a sweet surprise this year was my friend who invited me over for dinner and then when I drove up there was a banner on her garage door that said, "Happy Graduation", because I'd just finished earning my BA in May. Inside, more decorations and a wonderful homemade and home-frosted (with basket weave frosting) was heavenly!

Laurie said...

I just became a follower!

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking lemons.
I've been surprised alot in life, some of it good, haha!
Seriously, my hubby is good at surprising me and my mom is too!
And it's ALL good! Victoria S.

Chris said...

I would have to name my DH who has gone through the journey of the last year (dealing with a job loss of the primary breadwiner) with me with nearly always a smile on his face. He makes lemonaid out of lemons everyday in some figurative way.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Enjoyed your "Christmas" story! Whew! What an adventure! Glad you made it through and still felt the happiness of the season! Warm wishes! Coralie

... said...

When I first read this, I couldn't think of anything. Isn't that a major sigh? Either it's a bad memory or just bad.

But I just got the coolest text from Kate's mama today: 'I must share what Kate said! "Grandma Montana is SO creative, she has such fun activities!" Just out of the blue. thx for being a fun, loving grandma.'

Made my day - maybe my year!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Someone surprised me with a bag of peanut butter m&m's a month ago. They haven't been able to shake my presence ever since. I'm like a puppy dog.

MaryB. said...

My youngest daughter gave me the best surprise for my birthday... she's coming for a long vist from England over Christmas and new year. I haven't seen her in over 2 years.

Jenny, love lemons and, as you know, a lemon tree is on my Christmas list! (along with an orange, a grapefruit and a lime tree!) If I'm going to have trees... I want them productive!

MaryB. said...

Oh, by the way... as you already know... I'm a follower!

MaryB. said...

left a link on my blog! Yesssssssss I would love those lemons!

Dixie said...

Jenny... count me in for the lemon giveaway... sounds delicious! I'm a new follower and I'll be posting a link to your blog when I get back from church tonite! yikes... the priest is calling... gotta run! see ya soon! hugs. Dixie

Catherine said...

What a great giveaway :) ! My long distance friend Anne sent me a sweet surprise recently, and I just know she'd love some lemons. :)

Catherine said...

Popping back in to say I'm now following your blog, thanks so much!

Our really empty nest said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, I am glad I visited your blog today, I became a follower and I would love to win lemons from your state, my husband and 3 other couples spent a week in Sedona this summer!
My sister travels alot and is always surprising me with little gifts from her travels her name is Sharon.
Thank you so much!! Sue

noelle said...

my friend darlene took me out to dinner for my birthday. i NEVER get out without kids because my hubs works out of state for two months at a time, then comes home for two weeks, then is gone again. what a nice treat to go sans kids! yessireebob! that was one nice birthday! thanks for sending me the tip about the lemons...i was laying low over the weekend because of my birthday.

p.s. i call everyone bob, too! wonder where that originated from?!

Prim2Pink said...

What a fun giveaway! I would love to win some lemons. We could use some reminders that summer is just around the corner.

snow snow
go away
come again
some other day

hehehe...Happy Holidays

I was going to say that my blogging friend 'Jenny' gave me the sweetest book in the mail. But hey...that's you. So I'm going to say my daughter Tammi. She is ALWAYS bringing me special little gifts.
I am a follower & I posted on my sidebar.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Please include me in your giveaway! Thanks so much! Coralie

Dixie said...

Jenny... got my link to your giveaway up this morning... hope it drives lots of traffic your way!

Here's a link to a post about my sisters aprons... the simple bib style that I like best, sells for $25. I have one like the second one in the post, in my booth if you're interested. Thanks again!

hugs. Dixie

Airstream Memories said...

Thank you so much for the Airstream Ornament idea! I became a follower using my id from my other blog! ( I would be so excited about lemons I wouldn't know what to do with myself! With 8-12 inches of snow on the way, it would surely be a breath of friendship!

Airstream Memories said...

Oh - I forgot to mention what someone sweet did for me (aside from you with the ornament!)

My husband and kids actually already have my Christmas present wrapped and under the tree. That alone is a gift. I hate the feeling I get when they wait until the day before (or of) when I spend my birthday or Christmas alone at home, while they get to go shopping! Worse - they have no idea what to get! But this year, they are done 3 weeks early. Neither my kids or hubby have ever even seen fresh lemons!

Airstream Memories said...

I posted about your giveaway here: Hope it gets you some traffic!

Rebekah, The City Farmgirl said...

My mother-in-law, that's who!
(Jenny, this has got to be the most thoughtful, delightful give-away I've ever seen...)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love lemons!!!!!!! love, love , !love em. I have a friend named Sherry who when I first moved to Utah, send me the most beautiful book of handmade pages wishing me I alrwell that she rounded up from some of my blogger friends...she is one of the sweetest people I have ever known. I would love to win for her more than for me! I already follow you and of course I will post it.......Melinda