Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday Centus 135

Holy cow. Who wrote that prompt? Talk about difficult tense.

Dark poem.

I was just in that mood.

Mostly because of the tense issue.  But I think I hit 110 words exactly.   Small consolation for some sub-par writing.

Other valiant souls have tried this prompt here.


We are bound together forever
by the cord that once connected us.
When you fall, I fall.
Your pain is my pain.
And it screams silently inside my heart.
I am exhausted from the effort of wanting to save you…
…depleted by my inability to let you go.
Drained dry by fear and imagination
By memory and projection
I pace the floor at night
I’m a deer caught in the headlights…
Of your addiction.

Reading the scrawled words in the back of my notebook surprised me.  I thought I had known suffering.  You’ve been gone almost five years… and now I finally understood the phrase, ‘a deer in the headlights’.
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Ms. A said...

Sub-par? Not hardly. If this is about who I think it is, I can understand why you wrote it, too.

Jo said...

wonderfully written .... such a dark topic ...

pasqueflower said...


I don't consider that poem sub-par at all. Anyone who has lived with heartbreak of addiction can relate. I know.

Rita said...

I think it's perfect. :)

Judie said...

This is Sunday, and I called you yesterday but no one was home. I'll try to call again tonight. We need to talk.