Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Centus - Thirty days hath...

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to week ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO of Saturday Centus.

This week is a word prompt!  See?  I remembered!  
The prompt this week is, "Thirty days hath September...April, June, and November"
Number of words: Up to 108 (including the 8 words of the prompt).
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any additional you want to share

The regular restrictions apply: PG, no splitting of the prompt, play nicely and visit the other entries, any style or genre of writing you prefer. Please display my link button or just a hyper-link back to Saturday Centus. Be careful to link your SC URL to the Linky and not just link to your main blog.

E-mail me directly with ???'s or ask your question in a comment and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Feel free to link up anytime between now and next Saturday.
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Sue said...

Thanks, Jenny. I like this one!


Gail said...

Oh, I always forget my comment in a hurry to create I guess.

Karen S. said...

Was I ever happy to see you offered such a sweet amazing little prompt- of wild zombies floating---oops nah- a really easy piece to throw something together! Just to let you know I was thinking you'd toss a real $#@$% but you didn't- and I so thank you! I hope your skies have some sun- ours are so darn gloomy around here! Yikes! Karen

Nonna Beach said...

I'm waiting until after the election to write something...great prompt Jenny and I've already got some ideas for it depending who wins and who loses ;)